The firm invests heavily in associate training, both through formal skills-based training programs and informal training opportunities.  Our formal training program combines classes and exercises administered by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA), as well as in-house trial lectures and programs, including full-blown, multi-day mock jury trial programs based on NITA materials with live witnesses and real juries. We also hold a NITA deposition training program every year, similarly structured around NITA materials. In addition, virtually every day presents multiple opportunities for meaningful informal training, as junior attorneys work closely with more senior attorneys and partners on small litigation teams.  Each of our senior attorneys understands that developing top talent is critical to success of the firm, and all constantly look to mentor their less-experienced colleagues, and provide opportunities for professional growth and development where appropriate. We not only explain to junior attorneys what needs to be done, but engage them in a dialogue on the best ways to approach particular tasks.    
The firm’s focus on intensive early training and mentoring enables our associates to build the skill set necessary to meaningfully contribute to cases by taking active roles that would be typically assigned to more senior attorneys at our competitor firms.  We have found that attorneys grow faster, and are much more satisfied with their professional experiences when they encounter growth opportunities early and often.  We encourage our attorneys to take the next step as soon as they feel that they are ready, regardless of their class year.



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