Desmarais LLP does not follow the herd when it comes to compensation. We currently pay salaries that exceed the New York market by $20,000 at every level, with first-year associates starting at $210,000 per year. And when it comes to bonuses, we believe that if the firm has a good year everyone should share in the proceeds, so bonuses are based on the firm’s success and the lawyer’s performance—not an artificial “market” rate. As a result, Desmarais LLP has regularly paid higher-than-market bonuses, and in the past has paid as much as 2 times more than the largest and most prestigious BigLaw firms in New York. We also believe in taking care of our people, and that belief has translated to a generous benefits program that far exceeds anything offered by our competitor firms.  For example, Desmarais LLP currently provides all employees and their dependents with health insurance and pays 100% of the premiums, i.e., no monthly fees for employees.   We also help our employees save for the future.   In addition to providing a 401(k) plan for our employees, at the close of each of the calendar year since the firm’s inception, we have contributed 4% of the first $265,000 of each employee’s salary (up to $10,600 per year) into his or her 401(k) plan.  This is not a “matching” program; the firm has made the contribution regardless of how much the employee chose to invest on his or her own. We also reimburse associates for reasonable moving expenses, bar application fees, examination fees, and a bar study course. Our leading salary and benefits give our attorneys and staff confidence that they will be better compensated than their peers at even the largest firms.



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