We believe that Desmarais LLP is the best place to practice patent litigation. Whether you are a law student, a recent graduate, or an experienced attorney, our unique combination of small-firm culture and big-firm work provides a terrific environment to learn and grow your practice.

Here are some key reasons to choose Desmarais LLP.
We focus on one thing: We are patent trial lawyers. This specific focus allows our attorneys to become masters of that trade, not journeymen in many different areas.
Best clients and best cases: We represent blue-chip companies in some of their biggest cases, as well as smaller clients with world-changing technologies.
Well-rounded: We represent both plaintiffs and defendants, which makes our attorneys better at representing either side.
Early responsibility: Our associates take on real responsibility from the outset, and play key roles in our matters.
We pay more: Desmarais LLP currently offers salaries that exceed the BigLaw market by $20,000 at every level, offers higher-than-market bonuses, and a much more generous benefits package than any of our competition.
No billable hours: Desmarais LLP does not bill by the hour. Our billing arrangements enable greater efficiency and lower costs for our clients, and better lives and better experience for our attorneys.
Informal, relaxed atmosphere: We offer a casual workplace where all employees are treated with respect.
A place for everyone: Some firms hire far more associates every year than they need to sustain and grow their practice. These extra associates provide the personnel cushion necessary for sustaining grueling and unreasonable work environments for junior associates—the vast majority of whom are expected to quit or be fired in the first few years. Desmarais LLP hires associates with the goal of retaining them for the long term, and hires only the right number to support the firm’s continued growth. 
In New York City: Our office is located in the historic Helmsley Building, centrally located in Manhattan just north of Grand Central Terminal. 

Desmarais LLP is actively engaged in the law school on-campus interview process, so please look for us at your school. If you would like to apply for a position as an associate directly, please contact our Director of Attorney Recruiting and Development, Catherine Cervone, at



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