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Desmarais LLP Honored as IP Litigation Department of the Year by NYLJ


The New York Law Journal (NYLJ) has named Desmarais LLP as the 2019 winner of the Intellectual Property Litigation Department of the Year award. In a Q&A with the firm, NYLJ highlighted Desmarais LLP’s top victories, including an $82.5 million jury verdict for IBM, a $400 million settlement for Cisco Systems, and a bench trial win for Cisco.
“Those three successes—achieved by different sets of attorneys in different fora—demonstrate the overall strength of the practice and the depth of the Desmarais LLP bench,” the firm told NYLJ.
The Q&A also discussed the future of patent litigation and how nearly all patent lawsuits now have parallel proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which means coordination between trial practice and inter partes review (IPR) work is critical.
“Desmarais LLP has a highly successful IPR track record that has grown out of, and complements, our trial practice,” the firm told NYLJ. “As a result, clients often choose Desmarais LLP attorneys to manage all aspects of litigation, which increasingly involves IPR practice.”
The NYLJ article also detailed Desmarais LLP’s extensive training program for next-generation attorneys. Each year, the firm conducts live trials where attorneys practice examining witnesses, delivering arguments and analyzing the facts in mock cases. The training exercises provide up-and-coming Desmarais LLP lawyers with the skills they need to deliver effectively for clients at all stages of the litigation process.
“Desmarais LLP boasts attorneys that combine an array of experience and expertise with creativity and imagination. Those attributes directly translate into success in and out of the courtroom,” the firm told NYLJ.
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