Notable Successes


Boston Scientific Corp. v. Cordis Corp.

Patent Trials for the Plaintiff

Boston Scientific Corp. v. Cordis Corp., Case No. 1:10-cv-00315-SLR-MPT (D. Del.): On behalf of firm client Boston Scientific, won summary judgment of willful infringement and a federal jury trial damages award of more than $19.5 million against defendant Cordis Corp. regarding its drug-eluting coronary Cypher® stents, Wilmington, Delaware, Spring 2011.  After trial, won award of enhanced damages and pre-judgment interest; the Court doubled the damages amount to more than $42 million.  In addition, in place of an injunction forbidding further sales, the Court also awarded an on-going royalty of 32% on all post-trial sales of Cordis's infringing Cypher® stents.

Boston Scientific Corp. v. Cordis Corp., Case No. 1:03-cv-00027-SLR (D. Del.): Patent infringement liability verdict against Cordis' Cypher® stent, Wilmington, Delaware, Summer 2005.





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TecSec, Inc. v. IBM Corp.

Patent Trial for the Defendant

TecSec, Inc. v. IBM Corp., No. 2011-1303 (Fed. Cir.):  Sustained District Court judgment of noninfringement by IBM of TecSec's asserted patents, Federal Circuit, January 2012....